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A Partnership of Agencies and Organizations


To develop and sustain partnerships that provide services to improve the lives of

children and their families.


Our children will have the tools and support to become healthy, educated and responsible adults.

We Believe

  • The family is the single most important institution in our society and it should be maintained as a unit.
  • Families need to be empowered to promote self-sufficiency and growth.
  • In the value and dignity of each person "To be all she/he can potentially be."
  • The needs of the total family can be better met by "collective models" of community support than by any individual agency.
  • Preventive services are the key, and intervention can not occur too soon.
  • The collective resources of the Community Partnership can better meet the complex needs of children-at-risk and their families than any single agency.
  • Children and their families can be successful when educational, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical needs are met.
  2018 Theme: A Community United: Focusing on raising awareness for the enrichment of our children and their families

September 2016-December 2017 Annual Report


See the Richmond County Georgia Profile: Child, Family and Community Well-Being: click here (as of Jan 2018) source: http://gafcp.org and KIDSCOUNT