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Community Cornerstone Spring Edition


Annual Report 2011 - 2012


Community Cornerstone, Spring 2013 edition

Where do we go from here? A message from the Executive Director

When you’ve been in the world of non-profits as long as I have, many people ask you what is next on your agenda. Well if you know me, you recognize the fact that I am a dreamer. The vision of this Partnership is truly my belief – that our children will eventually have the tools and resources to become healthy, educated and responsible adults. As advocates for children, em- ployees of non-profit organizations and agencies, and parents, you know that the work of making our community safer, educating our children, helping families be self-sufficient is tireless and endless work. There is yet so much to be done.

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2010-2011 Annual Report (25th Anniversary)

Message from the Board of Trustees Chair & Executive Director 

Robetta D. McKenzie, Ed.D.Over the past few months, there has been much excitement and energy generated around the upcoming 25th Anniversary Celebration of the APC, Inc.  However, this has not led to our losing sight or focus on our priority – that of partnering in an effort to improve the lives of children.  Thus, the aforementioned excitement and energy have held true for this year. And now with another year coming to closure, we would like to share that our partnership remains intact.  Yes, there have been many challenges but there is evidence that we have in many ways met success during this last year and yes for the last 25 years.

Cedric J. Johnson

And now with another year coming to closure, we would like to share that our partnership remains intact. Yes, there have been many challenges but there is evidence that we have in many ways met success during this last year and yes for the last 25 years.

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Community Cornerstone (Spring Edition 2012)

What Better Way to Celebrate: A Message from the Executive Director.

One of my greatest joys each year is Children’s Week and it was a great way to kick off our 25th Anniversary Celebration.  The visual of the children, families, organizations and agencies coming together to show their support of one another, the smiles on everyone’s face, and the sheer joy of the little ones is amazing.  This is a feeling that I look to carry on through out the year as we continue to work to provide services to our children and families and support this community.  

In times of discouragement, I remember the real reason I do this work – the children...

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