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The Augusta Partnership for Children, Inc. originated in 1985, as the Augusta Coalition for Children and Youth (ACCY). The ACCY was an advocacy group consisting of the medical community, legal community, social workers, dental and health workers and concerned citizens determined to do something to support the needs of children who were victims of abuse. Their efforts supported establishment of a shelter for abused children. This group did not have a staff nor did they provide direct services. However, the ACCY identified the needs of children and brought people together who could potentially meet those needs. They also created a collective vision in regard to our children and youth.

In 1985, the Augusta Coalition for Children and Youth was formed.

As a result of various problems already existing in our community (i.e. teen pregnancies, juvenile arrests, poverty, etc.), in 1991, Governor Miller invited the community leaders of Richmond County to participate in a collaborative venture –The Family Connection Partnership of Georgia - on behalf of children and families. This venture was to be funded by the Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation. In 1991, The Family Connection had the challenge of pioneering a model for what works in promoting school success for children by making better use of resources already available through public agencies. The goal was to become the "link" between family, school and the rest of the community. Implementation of linkages began in the fall of 1991 in one elementary school, with students being served in the context of their family in an effort to promote academic success. As these efforts escalated, the number of partners increased. Consequently, as partners were added to the process, the Family Connection was able to expand its service area and the numbers of children and families served. Between 1991 and 1996, APC grew from nine partners to 40 partners, and from one school to six schools.

The ARCCP was formed and acquired 501(c)(3) status in 1996.The ARCCP acquired 501(c)(3) status in 1996 and as a result of the growth and success of the organization, that spring the state Policy Council challenged the Family Connection to apply to be one of 10 Community Partnerships in Georgia. Community Partnerships were formed as a result of Senate Bill 256, in 1995, which calls for one local governance body in each county to be the legal entity with the authority and responsibility to improve results for children and families. One of the requirements for Community Partnerships was to form a Board of Trustees to include an individual from each of the following areas: Department of Family and Children Services, Board of Education, Juvenile Justice, Mental Health, local business, local government, faith community, consumer(s), advocates for children, and the Health Department. On September 23, 1996, upon becoming a legal entity, The Family Connection merged with the ACCY and became the Augusta-Richmond County Community Partnership for Children and Families, Inc (ARCCP).

The Augusta Partnership for Children's logo in its latest incarnation.Renamed in 2006, the Augusta Partnership for Children, Inc. now coordinates the work of 120+ organizations and 300 individuals to improve the lives of children and families in the Augusta-Richmond County area.