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Teen Pregnancy Program Year 3 Funding

APC received the competitive Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program grant from the Office of Adolescent Health (OAH). The OAH TPP program is one of a growing number of federal programs that focuses on providing evidence of what works, investing in new and innovative approaches, and fostering a culture of learning. 

Through the TPP program, OAH invests in the implementation of evidence-based TPP programs such as APC’s Replicating Evidence-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program to develop and evaluate new and innovative approaches to prevent teen pregnancy. Evidence-based TPP programs are those that have been proven, through rigorous scientific evaluation, to reduce teen pregnancy and/or sexual risk behaviors associated with teen pregnancy. Currently, the HHS Teen Pregnancy Prevention Evidence Review covers a variety of diverse programs, including sexuality education programs; youth development programs; abstinence education programs; clinic-based programs; and programs specifically designed for diverse populations and settings.

The TPP program targets 6,000 youth ages 13-19 over a five-year period (2015-2020).  The program also targets 5,000 additional youth, parents and community members through community outreach by addressing the five Strengthening Families Protective Factors:

1.       Parental Resilience

2.       Social Connections

3.       Concrete Support in Times of Need

4.       Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development

5.       Social and Emotional Competence of Children


The goals of the TPP program are to:

1.       Reduce the rates of teen pregnancy among adolescents ages 13-19 residing within the project areas by 15%.

2.       Reduce the incidences of STIs/STDs among adolescents ages 13-19 residing within the project area by 15%.


Through the issuance of this RFA, APC is requesting applications from interested and qualified agencies to provide evidence-based services to the target population in the target service area, which includes communities in Burke, Jefferson, Richmond, Washington and Wilkes Counties.

Proposers must deliver one or more of the following approved evidence-based programs:

1.       Project AIM

2.       Making a Difference!

3.       Making Proud Choices!

4.       Be Proud! Be Responsible!

5.       Reducing the Risk


Any questions regarding this RFA may be submitted in writing to Shawana Frazier at by Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 5:00 pm. Any response made by APC shall be provided in writing. No verbal responses shall be authoritative.

Applications will be accepted electronically via email at or by mail at 353 Telfair St, Augusta, GA 30901 on or before Friday, June 9, 2017 at 5:00 P.M., local time.  If your application is submitted by mail, please include 4 hard copies. All submitted applications shall be time and date stamped according to the email time stamp or the post mark. Any applications received after this appointed schedule will be considered late and will be returned unopened to the proposer. The statement due date can be changed by addendum.